5 Occasions for Renting Audio Equipment

A big event or project such as a wedding or demo recording calls for using the highest quality audio equipment, but for many it isn't financially feasible to invest in new equipment, only to be used for the one occasion. In this lies the beauty of renting your equipment. Here are 5 of the most common occasions that call for renting high-tech audio (and video) equipment. 

Many couples who are looking to offset the overall cost of a wedding opt to provide their own music and audio setup. This is made feasible by the option to rent audio equipment for both running the music and providing a suitable audio setup for toasting and emceeing. It's even possible to use your own mobile device, tablet, or laptop computer and incorporate it in your audio system for playback. When renting equipment for a wedding venue, be sure that you talk to a seasoned professional to help you cover your music, toasting, and announcement needs-as well as video projection needs if they exist. 

Hosting a large party 
Even a large party hosted at your home can benefit from rented audio and video equipment. Take the stress out of not having the high-end speakers needed to amplify your music by renting what you need just for the day. 

Movie night 
Are you hosting a movie night but don't want to invest in the video projector and associated speaker equipment necessary in order to make it happen? Moreover, are you overwhelmed at the prospect of getting your movie setup to project and amplify sound correctly? If movie night at your home is only an occasional occurrence, talk to an expert about what your needs are. 

Demo recording 
Getting started in the music industry can involve a great many expenses in equipment and studio time. Work to offset this cost by renting your own recording equipment and working with a friend who can help you to record. This can also offer you the opportunity to practice using rental equipment before you make the jump of investing in your own equipment. 

Live music or theatre production 
A good audio and video equipment rental outfit has the equipment needed for even large-scale concerts. If you need equipment for a live music performance or for a larger scale theatre production, rental equipment could be your best bet. You can typically even rent specialized lighting equipment designed for creating lightshow-style effects.

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