Avid Pro Tools | Ultimate Audio & Music Creation Software Perpetual License (Boxed, Education)

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  • Latest Pro Tools | Ultimate Software
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  • Up to 256 Audio Tracks
  • 32-Bit / 192 kHz Sound Quality
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Avid Pro Tools | Ultimate Perpetual License - Audio and Music Creation Software (Boxed, Education)

Get the Sound Backed by an Industry

Welcome to Pro Tools | Ultimate

Pro Tools redefined the music, film, and TV industry, providing everything you need to compose, record, edit, and mix audio-in the studio or in the cloud, from anywhere. Whether you choose Pro Tools | Ultimate, Pro Tools, or Pro Tools | First, working with music and sound has never been so fast, easy, or fun.

Create your sound

From increasing your audio and MIDI track counts and providing non-stop workflows, to more virtual instruments and sounds, Pro Tools keeps your creativity flowing. That's why top artists, musicians, and audio professionals choose it for everything they do. Because when you need to sound your best, nothing delivers like Pro Tools.

Work smarter and faster

When deadlines are looming, Pro Tools offers timesaving tools to streamline your creative workflow. Whether you're making music or producing soundtracks for picture-on your own or collaboratively with others in the cloud or in the studio-Pro Tools maximizes your efficiency, so you can stay inspired and focused to deliver your best work possible.

Access Pro Tools your way

No matter who you are or what you do, there's a Pro Tools for you. Get the lowest cost of entry with a subscription. Purchase and own the software outright. Upgrade your sound with a Pro Tools system. Or get started with Pro Tools | First, a free version of Pro Tools. The choice is yours.

Stay current, stay ahead

We strive to make Pro Tools the best creative tool you could ever want. That's why we release a steady stream of new features and improvements throughout the year to all Pro Tools users with an active subscription or Software Updates + Support Plan (included with new perpetual license purchases). This ensures you always have access to the latest software, plus support whenever you need it.

  • Create massive mixes
  • Pro Tools | Ultimate comes with everything you need to take on more demanding music and immersive audio productions. With advanced recording, editing, and automation tools and full surround sound support, you can create large-scale mixes with up to 384 audio and 1,024 MIDI tracks using just the software-or up to 768 audio tracks with the addition of three Pro Tools | Ultimate Voice Packs or with a three-card Pro Tools | HDX system.
  • Sound your best
  • Pro Tools is renowned for its sound. Get the most pristine sound quality when tracking to a Pro Tools | HDX or HD Native system. And you don't have to nail a perfect performance to create that perfect take. Hone performances with powerful tools, including loop recording and track playlists, and comp together a flawless performance from multiple passes ( see it in action ). And replace parts quickly with punch-recording workflows.
  • Collaborate in the cloud
  • Imagine being able to work on a project with other Pro Tools users online-as if you're all working together in the same studio. You can with Avid Cloud Collaboration. Work with up to 10 collaborators on a single project. Access projects from anywhere using any Pro Tools-equipped computer. Need more space? Get an Avid Premium Cloud Plan, starting at just $4.99/month.
  • Edit audio with ease
  • Pro Tools | Ultimate offers advanced editing tools, so you can reshape sounds, fix what's funky, and edit tracks with ultimate flexibility and precision. Quickly trim clips, replace regions, create automatic fades, and batch process fades and clip names. Change tempo or timing on the fly with Elastic Time. You can even make bad notes sound pitch-perfect with Elastic Pitch.
  • Mix and automate multichannel audio
  • From mono and stereo sound, to 5.1, 7.1, and immersive audio, Pro Tools | Ultimate provides the most efficient workflows and advanced automation to handle the largest music, soundtrack, Dolby Atmos, and Ambisonics productions. Plus, VCA Masters, Track Freeze, and a built-in surround panner accelerate the mixing process. You can even explore alternative versions of a mix with Project Revisions.
  • Take hands-on control of your mix
  • Experience the deepest level of integration when you pair Pro Tools with any EUCON-enabled control surface-including Avid S6, Avid S3, Avid Dock, Avid Control, and Artist Mix. Speed up recording, editing, and mixing tasks with access to tracks, plugins, and automation control right from the surface. You can even create custom keys to perform practically any Pro Tools function with a single button press.
  • Fuel your creativity with pro plugins
  • Polish mixes with a huge and powerful collection of studio-staple plugins. From high-quality virtual instruments and guitar amp emulators, to emulations of classic effects, you have everything to get started shaping and enhancing your sound. You also get access to every audio plugin we offer* in the Avid Complete Plugin Bundle, plus Pro Tools | MachineControl. Plus, warm up sounds with HEAT, now included with all Pro Tools | Ultimate subscriptions. Want more? Shop the in-app Marketplace any time-no shoes, shirt, or pants required.
  • Connect and share your work
  • Pro Tools makes it easy to find new collaborators and clients to expand your creative opportunities. With Avid Link integrated into Pro Tools, you can connect with a community of creatives, find collaborators and gigs, share your mixes, and promote your skills.
  • Build up your sound
  • Fuel your creativity with a wide range of virtual instruments to create the parts you need. Lay down beats with the drum machine and sampler. Create unique instruments and sounds quickly with UVI Falcon. Add bass, guitar, horns, strings, piano, and other accompaniments. And layer in a variety of other sounds to build up your song-from world instruments to sound effects.
  • Get inspired and build up tracks fast
  • Looking for that perfect beat, orchestral hit, or sonic boom? Soundbase makes it a snap to browse and experiment with loops, samples, and sound effects from your libraries and hear how they sound in context with your tracks. To get you started, Pro Tools comes with over 5 GB of high-quality sound content to wake up mixes and give your projects that sonic edge.
  • Work with MIDI and notation
  • Pro Tools works with all MIDI controllers and features a comprehensive MIDI Editor to create richer, more inspired performances-from tweaking notes, layering sounds, and switching up instruments, to adjusting dynamics, timing, and more. It also offers a Score Editor to create and edit music using notation. You can even export sessions to Sibelius for further finessing.
  • Work with sound for picture
  • Pro Tools | Ultimate enables you to play and edit HD video and Avid DNxHD sequences right in the Pro Tools timeline, so you can create and mix soundtracks in sync with the picture. Edit audio clips with timecode precision and position them perfectly in the scene. And clean up tracks and ensure every bit of dialog, music, and sound is heard using plugins and automation.
  • Mix in Dolby Atmos
  • Dolby Atmos is the hottest thing in cinema and home theater, delivering bigger, more immersive audio experiences to viewers. Pro Tools | Ultimate offers the most efficient Dolby Atmos mixing workflows in the industry-with support for Atmos 7.1.2 audio stems, native object panning, advanced automation, ADM BWAV support, and deep Avid control surface integration.
  • Edit and mix VR audio
  • Produce immersive full-sphere surround sound mixes for virtual reality content-from start to finish-right in Pro Tools | Ultimate. Easily edit and mix audio in a 3D space with support for first-, second-, and third-order Ambisonics formats across your Pro Tools tracks and busses. Then output and deliver content to the required format for playback.
  • Record ADR and Foley
  • With support for 64 tracks of video, Pro Tools makes it easy to record and sync voiceovers and dialog replacement to picture with perfect frame accuracy. Foley artists can watch a scene unfold as they re-create a sound effect to ensure they nail the nuances and timing. For Pro Tools | HDX users, you can expedite audio re-recording "in the box" with perfect click-free punch-ins using any punch mode.
  • Design sounds and soundscapes
  • Whether you're creating sound that defines or defies reality, Pro Tools enables you to sculpt, shape, and transform audio quickly and build up scenes from scratch. Tweak and destroy sounds to create new ones with an army of plugins and Elastic Audio. Trim clips and nudge video frames for precision placement. And quickly adjust gain levels with Clip Gain.
  • Apply real-time effects to clips
  • Tweak the sound of a clip without affecting the entire track. With Clip Effects, you can apply real-time EQ and dynamics to a single clip or clip group on your timeline, enabling you to have different settings across multiple clips on a track. This gives you more precision control when working with multiple clips of related audio, such as dialog or voiceovers.
  • Connect teams with Avid NEXIS
  • Easily connect your audio team into the industry's most efficient media production environment-MediaCentral-through Avid NEXIS storage. Access shared projects. Gain new collaborative audio workflows. And increase productivity, while maximizing content turnaround speed, by eliminating the time wasted moving files between systems.
  • Collaborate on video projects
  • If you're working independently, you can easily share your audio mixes with Media Composer editors by exporting tracks or an entire session as an AAF file. Pro Tools also supports XAVC Long GOP files and 1080p50 project types, enabling you to work your audio editing and mixing magic on projects that use these formats.
  • Pro Tools | HD 12 software activation card-download required (for software/plug-in installers and user guides)
  • 500 MB of space to house up to three cloud-based projects for cloud collaboration (more projects/space available for purchase through your Avid Account)
  • Drivers (requires installer download)
  • Registration information card
  • 1-year Annual Upgrade and Support Plan (includes access to all new Pro Tools releases, 25 bonus plug-ins, and ExpertPlus support for one year)
  • Avid-qualified Mac or Windows-based computer
  • USB port (for iLok software authorization)
  • Requires iLok
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