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Microphone Pro v1.0.3 Sep 3, 2010 — 13.0 MB This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad Microphone Pro turns your iOS device into a microphone with a multi-function on/off button and volume control, making it great for use as a talk-back mic in live and recording applications, karaoke, public address, or anywhere you need an easy-to-use microphone.

Using a cable (sold separately), simply plug the output of device's headphone jack into powered speakers, a mixing console, home stereo, etc. and Microphone Pro will pick up sound using your device's built-in microphone, amplify it to line level, and then pass it out the devices headphone jack.

✓ Amazing graphics optimized for the iPad, iPhone and Retina display!
✓ Simple to use interface.
✓ Multi-function On/Off button, works great for any situation.
✓ Full Screen Mode: That's one BIG button!
✓ Turn device sleep on or off.
✓ Volume Lock: Make sure you don't accidentally blow out your system! Lock the volume at a safe level.

How to use Microphone Pro:
First, we recommend turning down the volume of Microphone Pro (using the volume slider in Microphone Pro and/or volume buttons of your iOS device).

Next, plug one end of your audio cable into the 3.5mm headphone output of the iOS device, then connect the other end of the cable to your audio hardware.

Cables are available with many different options to connect to powered speakers, home stereos, audio mixers, etc.

Finally, turn Microphone Pro on by pressing the large On/Off button on the display.  Adjust the volume by using the volume slider on the display and/or the volume buttons of your iOS device.

Using the On/Off button:
✓ Tapping the On/Off button turns the mic on.
✓ Tapping the On/Off button again turns the mic off.
✓ When Microphone Pro is off, pressing and holding the On/Off button will turn on the mic until you release the On/Off button.
✓ When Microphone Pro is on, pressing and holding the On/Off button will mute the mic until you release the On/Off button.

There are many cable options, please visit our website for some great cables for Microphone Pro!

You could make Microphone Pro work with a early generation iPod Touch, but it will probably cost you more than just simply buying a microphone for your needs. The latest iPod Touch includes a microphone finally and is fully supported by Microphone Pro!

Microphone Pro is also included in our flagship combo app Audio Tool, download Audio Tool and get all our apps at no additional charge as they are released!
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