Bit Calc Pro by Performance Audio!
Bit Calc Pro v1.0.5 Mar 22, 2012 — 23.0 MB This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad Got a recording session tonight? Got enough drive space? Find out now! Bit Calc Pro is the most accurate, entertaining disk space calculator found on iTunes!

✓ Universal app. Full native iPad and Retina Display support!
✓ Quickly calculate the disk space needed for any recording project!
✓ Support for up to 99 tracks of uncompressed audio.
✓ Supports Sample Rates from 8kHz to 192kHz.
✓ Support for Bit Depths from 8 bit to 32 bit
✓ Calculate space required for a set amount of time, or...
✓ Calculate time allowed by a given amount of space.
✓ Includes an Instant Correction setting to automatically format your time or space values.
✓ Instant Correction is easily turned On or Off.
✓ Sound effects that can be turned on or off.
✓ Change the default settings to suit your needs.

Performance Audio has made every effort to make this application as accurate and reliable as possible. However, this application is supplied for entertainment purposes only.
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