ADAM Audio A77X Active Studio Monitors (Left/Right Bundle)

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  • Product Highlights
  • Unique 2.5-Way System
  • Dual 7" Woofers
  • Precision X-ART Tweeter
  • 375 Watt Amp Power
  • XLR & RCA Inputs
  • 122 dB Max SPL
  • 5-Year Warranty
Monitor Left Right Pair

Pair of Active Nearfield/Midfield Studio Monitors (Includes A & B Speakers)

The A77X is a horizontally designed monitor that combines all of the technical innovations in the AX-Series. Due to its powerful, compression-free sound reproduction and excellent radiation characteristics, it is suitable both for nearfield and midfield monitoring.

The special feature of the A77X is its 2 1/2-way system. Both 7" woofers start to work together at 38 Hz and at 400 Hz one woofer fades out and only the second woofer continues to operate in the midrange up to 3 kHz. This prevents interferences and possible phase cancellation in the critical midrange. Even though frequency transitions and potential distortions lie outside these areas, the human ear is particularly sensitive to midrange frequencies.

Especially noteworthy in the A77X is the extremely wide stereo foundation and brilliant stereo imaging. Treble and mids are reproduced with three-dimensional realism and the lows are, as expected from a double woofer design, massive without compromising on precision.

A revolutionary formula: 2 x 7 = 77

In some set-ups it can be advisable to use a horizontally designed speaker rather than a vertical one. Until now, such monitors were only available within the SX top line.

The brand new A77X, due to its outstanding features, might become a true game changer: Equipped with the same advanced technologies as the A7X, it therefore is very similar to the two-way speaker. The A77X, however, distinguishes itself by much higher, compression-free maximum sound pressure levels and dynamics. Due to its power and radiation characteristics, it also is perfectly suited for both near- and midfield monitoring.

Driver technology

Like all models of the AX, the A77X features the ADAM proprietary X-ART tweeter. The 'X' stands for 'eXtended frequency response' and thus for one of the features of the Accelerating Ribbon Technology that has been drastically improved: the frequency response. It now extends all the way up to 50kHz. In addition, the X-ART tweeter has higher efficiency and higher maximum sound pressure levels.

The two 7" woofers are identical with that of the A7X. With their large voice coils (1.5") and powerful amplifiers they are capable of both very high maximum sound pressure levels as well as very deep registers. The woofers do not cover the same frequency bands: while one of them is responsible for the (sub-) bass frequencies up to about 400Hz, the other takes over most of the midrange.

Amplifiers / controls

Each driver has its own dedicated amplifier. A 50W A/B amp is responsible for the X-ART tweeter, while the bass-/mid-woofers are driven by a 100W PWM amp each. The front panel includes a power switch and a control for the volume that retains the volume setting independently from the on/off switch.

The rear panel features several additional controls: a gain for the high frequencies (± 4dB) and two shelf filters for high and low frequencies. To ensure greater compatibility, there are both XLR (balanced) and RCA (unbalanced) connectors.

  • X-ART tweeter, handmade in Berli
  • The air velocity ratio of 4:1 during the sound generation by folded X-ART membrane
  • In-phase, simultaneous operation of the woofers below 400 Hz
  • Ultra-light but extremely dimensionally stable woofer material (Carbon/Rohacell/Glass fiber)
  • Unique, horizontal 2.5-way system with 2 x 7" woofers
  • Spacious bass reflex ports on the front
  • Highly efficient PWM amplifier for the woofer coupled with an A/ B amplifier for X-ART tweeter
  • Linear frequency response of 38 Hz to 50 kHz
  • Maximum Peak sound pressure per pair in 1 m >= 122 dB
  • Simple, stepless room acoustic adjustments over tweeter gain, low and high shelf filters
  • Analog XLR and RCA inputs
  • Acoustically optimized cabinet geometry
  • Directional sound radiation in vertical plane
  • Volume control and on/off switch on the front
  • Suitable for both near- and mid-field applications
  • 2 years warranty with optional extension to 3 years with the registration of the product
    Number: 2
    Basket Ø: 7" (175 mm)
    Voice Coil Ø: 1.5" (38 mm)
    Cone Material: Carbon/Rohacell/Glass Fiber
    Number: 1
    Type: X-ART
    Diaphragm Area: 4 inch² (2420 mm²)
    Equiv. Diaphragm Ø: 2" (56 mm)
    Velocity Transform Ratio: 4: 1
    Diaphragm Weight: 0.17 g
    Woofer: 1
    Type: PWM
    Amp. Power RMS / Music: 100 W / 150 W
    Subwoofer: 1
    Type: PWM
    Amp. Power RMS / Music: 100 W / 150 W
    Tweeter: 1
    Type: A/B
    Amp. power RMS / music: 50 W / 75 W
    Input Sensitivity: -infinity to +14 dB
    High Shelf EQ > 5 kHz: ±6 dB
    Low Shelf EQ < 300 Hz: ±6 dB
    Tweeter Gain: ±4 dB
    Analog: XLR / RCA
    Frequency Response: 38 Hz - 50 kHz
    THD 90 dB / 1 m > 100 Hz: <=0.5 %
    Max. SPL with sine wave acoustic 100 Hz to 3 kHz at 1 m: >=114 dB
    Max. SPL per pair at 1 m: >=122 dB
    Crossover Frequencies: 400 / 3000 Hz
    Input Impedance: 30 kOhm
    Panel: Front
    Weight: 28.2 lb (12,8 kg)
    Magnetically Shielded: No
    Height x Width x Depth: 9.5" (235 mm) x 21" (530 mm) x 11" (280 mm)
    Warranty: 5 years (2 years warranty plus 3 years optional with product registration)
    Delivery Contents: Power cord, manual
  • Studio Monitoring
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