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Aphex 120B
Aphex 120B 1x4 Distribution Amplifier
MFR # 120BUPC # 693714012010 Audio Distribution Amplifier - 1 input, 4 output, 1 thru XLR inputs and outputs.
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Aphex 124B
Aphex 124B Level Matching Interface
MFR # 124BUPC # 693714012416 Level Matching Interface - Bi-directional stereo audio level interface - 10dBV / + 4dBu. RCA and XLR inputs and outputs.
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Aphex 141B
Aphex 141B 8-Channel ADAT to Analog Converter
MFR # 141BUPC # 693714014113 8 Channel ADAT to Analog Converter - DB25 balanced +4dBu analog output. ADAT input 44.1kHz and 48kHz only.
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Aphex 320D
Aphex 320D Compellor with Digital I/O
MFR # 320DUPC # 693714032100 Dual Channel Automated Compressor/Leveler/Limiter with Digital Inputs and Outputs
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Aphex 45-008B
Aphex 45-008B Rackmount Kit for 120B/124B/141B
MFR # 45-008BUPC # 693714205009 Rack Mount Kit for Models 120B, 124B and 141B
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Aphex Channel
Aphex Channel - Master Preamp & Input Processor
MFR # CHANNELUPC # 693714023016 Master Preamp and Input Processor
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Aphex Exciter
Aphex Exciter 2-Channel Aural Exciter & Big Bottom
MFR # EXCITERUPC # 693714020411 Two Channel Aural Exciter and Optical Big Bottom
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Aphex HeadPod 4
Aphex HeadPod 4 Four-Channel Headphone Amp
MFR # HeadPod 4UPC # 693714454049
  • Compact and Rugged Metal Chassis
  • Independent Amplifier Circuits
  • Analog and S/PDIF Inputs
  • 1/4" Stereo Outputs
  • Master and Individual Volume Controls

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Aphex IN 2
Aphex IN2 Desktop USB Recording Interface
MFR # IN 2UPC # 693714914215 Professional audio interface features two Class A microphone preamps and two optical compressors as well as one headphone amplifier from HeadPod4.
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Aphex Microphone X
Aphex Microphone X USB Condenser Microphone
MFR # MIC XUPC # 693714139243 Condenser USB microphone. Features Aphex optical compressor Aural Exciter and Big Bottom processors plus high output headphone amplifier.
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10 items found
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Founded in 1975, Aphex Systems is the leading developer and innovator of signal-processing, dynamics control, microphone preamplifiers and analog-to-digital conversion systems. Aphex products are designed for a wide cross section of professional end users around the world.
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