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ART SCC Studio Control Center
  • Select/Blend up to 3 Input Sources
  • Three Selectable Balanced Outputs
  • Low Distortion Volume Control
  • Separate Headphone Output
  • Selectable Main or Cue Input Sources
  • Mono & Output Mute Switches
  • Input & Output Trim Controls
  • Input Level Metering

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ART SCC 58162 Studio Control Center SCC $119.00
You Pay: $119.00
ART CleanBOX Pro
ART CleanBOX Pro Dual Channel Level Converter
MFR # CLEANBOXPRO UPC # 840402019053
  • XLR Balanced I/O
  • RCA & 1/8" Unbalanced I/O
  • Individual Stereo Level Controls
  • Rugged Aluminum Case
  • Lighted On/Off Switch
  • Includes Power Supply
  • Low Noise, Low Distortion Circuit

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ART CleanBOX Pro 4430 Bi-Directional Level Matching Stereo Converter Box - XLR and RCA I/O Connectors CLEANBOXPRO 840402019053 $65.00
You Pay: $65.00
ART P16 XLR Balanced Patch Bay
MFR # P16 UPC # 840402019152
  • 1RU Steel Chassis
  • 16 Balanced Channels
  • Passive Interface
  • PCB Wiring
  • Reversible Rack Ears

Free Shipping
ART P16 23240 16 Channel XLR Balanced Patch Bay P16 840402019152 $79.00
You Pay: $79.00
ART PS 4x4 Pro
ART PS 4x4 Pro Power Distribution System
MFR # PS4X4Pro UPC # 840402017714 Dual LED Metered Power Distrobution System with Advanced Power Filtering and Rear BNC
Free Shipping
ART PS 4x4 Pro 4419 Dual LED Metered Power Distrobution System with Advanced Power Filtering and Rear BNC PS4X4Pro 840402017714 $159.00
You Pay: $159.00
ART SplitCom Pro
ART SplitCom Pro
MFR # SPLITCOMPRO UPC # 840402018308 Microphone Splitter/Combiner
Free Shipping (Orders over $49)
In Stock
ART SplitCom Pro 4444 Microphone Splitter/Combiner SPLITCOMPRO 840402018308 $35.00
You Pay: $35.00
ART SLA1 Power Amplifier
MFR # SLA1 UPC # 840402011729
  • Extremely Low Noise
  • 100 Watts/Channel @ 8 Ohms
  • 260 Watts/Bridged Mono @ 8 Ohms
  • Toroidal Transformer
  • XLR & 1/4" Inputs
  • Ground Lift Switch
  • Silent Cooling System
  • Multi-Way Binding Post Outputs

Free Shipping
ART SLA-1 4402 2-Channel Rackmount Power Amplifier (100W Per Channel @ 8 Ohms) SLA1 840402011729 $229.00
You Pay: $229.00
ART MacroMIX 4-Channel Personal Mixer
MFR # MACROMIX UPC # 840402014164
  • 1/4" & RCA Inputs
  • Headphone / Line Level Output
  • Individual Level Controls
  • Includes Power Supply

Free Shipping
ART MacroMIX 4434 Four Channel Miniature Personal Line Mixer with Dual RCA and 1/4" Inputs MACROMIX 840402014164 $59.00
You Pay: $59.00
ART Dual RDB Dual Re-Amping Direct Box
MFR # DUALRDB UPC # 840402019534
  • Re-Amping Interface for Multiple Amps
  • Stereo/Dual Direct Box
  • Variable Input Pad
  • Microphone or Instrument Inputs
  • Stereo A/V Source to Low Level Inputs

Free Shipping
ART Dual RDB 32557 Two-Channel Reamping Direct Box DUALRDB 840402019534 $79.00
You Pay: $79.00
ART USB Phono Plus
ART USB Phono Plus
MFR # USBPHONOPLUSPS UPC # 840402019527 Phono Preamplifier with USB
Free Shipping
In Stock
ART USB Phono Plus 6914 Phono Preamplifier with USB USBPHONOPLUSPS 840402019527 $79.00
You Pay: $79.00
ART PB 4x4 Pro
ART PB4x4 Pro Power Distribution System
MFR # PB4x4Pro UPC # 840402017646
  • 8 Rear Outlets
  • Surge & Spike Protection
  • RFI & EMI Filtering
  • Front-Mounted On/Off Switch
  • Front-Mounted Circuit Breaker
  • Rear-Mounted Gooseneck Light
  • All-Steel Chassis

Free Shipping
ART PB 4x4 Pro 4417 Rackmount 8-Outlet Power Conditioner & Surge Protector - with Rear Gooseneck Light PB4x4Pro 840402017646 $99.00
You Pay: $99.00
ART dPDB Direct Box
MFR # DPDB UPC # 840402011354
  • Switchable Input Attenuation
  • 50k Ohm Instrument Input
  • 50k Ohm Parallel Link Jack
  • 600 Ohm XLR Output Jack
  • Switchable Ground Lift
  • Electric Guitar & Bass Signals
  • Keyboards & Line Level Signals
  • DJ Console Output Signals

Free Shipping (Orders over $49)
In Stock
ART dPDB 4413 Dual Passive Direct Box DPDB 840402011354 $48.00
You Pay: $48.00
ART DJPre II Phono Preamplifier
MFR # DEEJAYPRE II UPC # 840402016472
  • RIAA EQ Compensation
  • Gain Adjust
  • Low Cut Filter
  • Input Cap
  • Clip LED

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ART DJPre II 4432 Turntable Phono Preamplifier with RIAA Equalization DEEJAYPRE II 840402016472 $49.00
You Pay: $49.00
ART PB 4x4
ART PB4x4 Power Distribution System
MFR # PB4x4 UPC # 840402011651
  • 8 Rear Outlets
  • Surge & Spike Protection
  • RFI & EMI Filtering
  • Front-Mounted On/Off Switch
  • Front-Mounted Circuit Breaker
  • All-Steel Chassis

Free Shipping
ART PB 4x4 4414 Rackmount 8 Outlet Power Conditioner & Surge Protector PB4x4 840402011651 $55.00
You Pay: $55.00
ART MX821S 8-Channel Personal Mixer
MFR # MX821S UPC # 840402021759
  • Eight Inputs with Level and Pan Controls
  • Pan Controls for Stereo Imaging
  • Mic XLR or Unbalanced 1/4" TS inputs
  • Optional +48V Phantom on Each Mic Input
  • Balanced 1/4" TRS Outs with Master Level
  • Daisy Chain Multiple Units with AUX Bus
  • Line Inputs to Outputs via Jumpers
  • 1RU Rack-Mount Steel Chassis with PSU

Free Shipping
In Stock
ART MX821S 20682 Eight Channel Mic/Line Mixer with Stereo Outputs MX821S 840402021759 $185.00
You Pay: $185.00
MFR # SPLITMIX 4 UPC # 840402018834 Passive 4-Channel Stereo/Mono Splitter/Mixer
Free Shipping
ART SPLITMix4 20684 Passive 4-Channel Stereo/Mono Splitter/Mixer SPLITMIX 4 840402018834 $50.00
You Pay: $50.00
ART SLA4 Power Amplifier
MFR # SLA4 UPC # 840402018322
  • Extremely Low Noise
  • 4 x 100 Watts/Channel @ 8 Ohms
  • 2 x 280 Watts/Bridged @ 8 Ohms
  • Toroidal Transformer
  • Euroblock & 1/4" Inputs
  • Silent Cooling System
  • Multi-Way Binding Post Outputs
  • 1U Rackmount Design

Free Shipping
ART SLA-4 14255 4-Channel Studio Linear Power Amplifier (100W/Channel @ 8 Ohms) SLA4 840402018322 $399.00
You Pay: $399.00
ART MyMonitor
ART MyMonitor Personal Monitor Mixer
MFR # MYMONITOR UPC # 840402014188
  • Isolated Microphone Output
  • Monitor Input
  • Dual Headphone Output
  • Battery or DC Powered

Free Shipping
ART MyMonitor 4436 Personal Headphone Monitor Mixer MYMONITOR 840402014188 $70.00
You Pay: $70.00
ART MX225 Zone Distribution Mixer
MFR # MX225 UPC # 840402019022
  • Two Stereo Inputs Routed to Five Zones
  • Source 1 & 2 Volume Knob on Each Zone
  • 5-Segment LED Meter on Every Zone
  • All Inputs & Outputs Are Balanced XLR
  • Sum to Mono Buttons with LED Indicator
  • Internal Power Supply

Free Shipping
In Stock
ART MX225 20681 5 Channel Zone Distribution Mixer MX225 840402019022 $149.00
You Pay: $149.00
ART DTI Dual Transformer/Isolator
MFR # DTI UPC # 840402016380
  • Eliminates Ground Issues
  • High Quality Transformers
  • XLR, 1/4" & RCA I/O
  • Rugged Aluminum Case
  • Passive Design

Free Shipping
In Stock
ART DTI 204 Dual Input Inline Transformer/Isolator Box with Balanced and Unbalanced Connectors DTI 840402016380 $60.00
You Pay: $60.00
ART PowerMIX III 3-Channel Personal Stereo Mixer
MFR # POWERMIXIII UPC # 840402014256
  • True Stereo Mixing
  • Pan Control
  • Dual Headphone Output
  • Includes AC Adapter

Free Shipping
In Stock
ART PowerMIX III 4442 Three Channel Miniature Stereo Mixer with 1/4" Left and Right Inputs, Pan and Level Control Per Channel POWERMIXIII 840402014256 $95.00
You Pay: $95.00
ART CleanBOX II Hum Eliminator
MFR # CLEANBOX-2 UPC # 840402015666
  • Eliminates Ground Loops
  • No Signal Degradation
  • Safe, Passive Operation
  • 1/4" TRS Input & Output

Free Shipping
In Stock
ART CleanBOX II 14 Hum Eliminator, Eliminates the 60Hz Hum Caused by Ground Loops CLEANBOX-2 840402015666 $55.00
You Pay: $55.00
ART Phantom II Pro
ART Phantom II Pro Dual 48V Phantom Power Supply
MFR # PHANTOMII PRO UPC # 840402019039
  • Standard XLR I/O
  • Supports 9-48V Phantom Power
  • Battery or AC Powered
  • LED Lighted On/Off Switch

Free Shipping
ART Phantom II Pro 4438 Battery Operated Dual Channel 9-48 Volt Phantom Power Supply PHANTOMII PRO 840402019039 $70.00
You Pay: $70.00
ART S8 8-Channel Mic Splitter
MFR # S8 UPC # 840402018285
  • Direct Microphone Outputs
  • Isolated Outputs
  • Ground Lift Switches
  • Pad Switches

Free Shipping
In Stock
ART S8 13612 Eight-Channel Microphone Splitter S8 840402018285 $239.00
You Pay: $239.00
ART MX622 6-Channel Stereo Mixer
MFR # MX622 UPC # 840402018995
  • 3 Mic/Line & 3 Stereo Line Inputs
  • Effects Loop with Stereo Return
  • 6-Channel Mixer in 1 Rack Space
  • Clip Indication LED Lights

Free Shipping
In Stock
ART MX622 17795 6-Channel Rackmount Stereo Mixer with EQ/Effects Loop MX622 840402018995 $149.00
You Pay: $149.00
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Price Range: $ - $

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