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Overview It's all about the sound.
Digital recording technology has completely changed the way audio engineers record and produce music. Quality standards for digital audio recordings are increasing every day, and these new standards require new tools. Lucid has been providing these tools for many years. We understand the phrase, excellence in digital audio.

You want to sound better, right™
Even the most sophisticated digital editor can only do so much with poor quality raw materials. Lucid converters are designed to faithfully convert analog signals to digital information, and vice versa, with the highest fidelity and as much accuracy as possible.

Introducing the Lucid 88192, a multi-format audio converter.
Designed for rigors and complexities of today's hi-definition digital recording systems, the Lucid 88192 guarantees excellence in audio conversion and management for recording, post-production, and broadcast environments.

This new multi-format audio converter provides 8 channels of AES/EBU and 8 channels of SMUX2 ADAT digital audio to and from the host at sample rates up to 192 kHz.

Extremely low distortion and jitter, coupled with wide frequency response translates into clean, quiet, accurate, and stunning recordings. Adjustable gain and clip limiting on the analog input stage allows the user to optimize levels under a variety of circumstances. The simple user interface is designed for quick, efficient operation of all functions.

The Lucid 88192 guarantees excellence in audio conversion and management for recording, postproduction, and broadcast environments.


  • Double rack space, eight (8) channel, analog to digital / digital to analog, multi-format converter. Applications: Studio, Broadcast, Post-Production.

  • Sample rates up to 192 kHz with 24-bit audio conversion.

  • Eight (8) channels of AES/EBU and eight (8) channels of SMUX2 ADAT digital audio.

  • Straightforward setup and operation via front panel encoder and display.

  • Real-time metering and XLR analog and AES connectors. (No D-sub breakout snakes required.)

Brand Lucid
Model 88192
Part Number 88192
Product Category AD/DA Converters
Unit of Measure EACH
Weight 17.00 lbs.
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Lucid Audio brings the digital audio revolution to the every-day world, by combining the power of 25+ years of audio manufacturing expertise with cutting edge digital technologies.
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