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Overview VTX series dual 18" subwoofers employ two 2269H 18" transducers featuring Differential Drive technology with two voice coils, two neodymium magnets and extremely high peak-to peak excursion capabilities to deliver extended very low frequency performance. Two VTX Subwoofer models are available: VTX-G28 and VTX-S28, both models are reverse cardioid-arrayable.

The VTX-G28 is ground stackable only with a practical form factor for convenient stacking and additional enclosure volume plus port tuning that delivers true sub performance down
to 22 Hz @ -10 dB.

The VTX-S28 can be suspended or ground-stacked and is cardioid-arrayable in either configuration for improved rear rejection. Compatible with VTX-V25 suspension, S28 can be suspended at the top of VTX-V25 arrays to extend the effective low frequency line length, providing improved vertical pattern control combined with improved rear rejection when used in cardioid mode.

Alternatively, VTX-S28 arrays (cardioid or front-firing) can be suspended beside or behind V25 arrays. For theatrical sound design, VTX-S28 can be suspended in the middle of flown VTX-V25 arrays to facilitate balcony and floor coverage by allowing improved underbalcony penetration. Larger cardioid configurations are also effective where VTX-S28 is suspended or ground-stacked in multiple cardioid blocks, each block consisting of 3 enclosures (2 front-firing, 1 rear-firing).
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Brand JBL
Model VTX-S28
Part Number VTX-S28
Product Category Unpowered Subwoofers, Unpowered Line Array Speakers
Unit of Measure EACH
Shipping Weight 352.86 lbs.
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Headquartered in Northridge, California, JBL is one of the world's leading speaker designers and manufacturers. They produce gear for a number of uses like, loudspeaker amplification, recording, broadcasting and more. JBL also designs products for all types of users including: home theater enthusiasts, touring musicians, and professional sports arenas.
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