Waves Guitar Tool Rack TDM Waves Guitar Tool Rack TDM Waves Guitar Tool Rack TDM Waves Guitar Tool Rack TDM
Waves Guitar Tool Rack TDM Waves Guitar Tool Rack TDM Waves Guitar Tool Rack TDM Waves Guitar Tool Rack TDM

Waves Guitar Tool Rack TDM

Guitar Tool Rack TDM with Waves/PRS Guitar Interface

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Waves Guitar Tool Rack TDM
From Fender to Marshall, Mesa/Boogie to Vox, and more, Waves has captured the world's hottest vintage and contemporary amps, using revolutionary sampling techniques that go way beyond standard modeling. The result is the most amazing guitar tones you will ever hear coming out of your computer. And with GTR3's host-free Standalone ToolRack, all you need to do is plug in...and play!

The Waves/PRS Guitar Interface transforms your unbalanced high impedance guitar signal into a balanced low impedance signal, reducing hum and retaining your full dynamic range. The result is ultra-high fidelity at the most critical point in the signal path.
Waves Guitar Tool Rack TDM Features
25 Guitar Amps7 Bass Amps29 Cabs26 StompsMultiple Mics and Mic SettingsCustom Hardware InterfaceRealistic Dynamic ResponseExpert Presets and FX ChainsSync-to-Host BPM EffectsDrag-and-Drop SimplicityReal-Time MIDI ControlStandalone or DAW ReadyPRS Hardware Interface featuresTransparent Pre-AmplifierCustom-Designed CircuitryAudiophile-Quality ComponentsStudio-Grade Jacks
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Waves is the leading provider of DSP solutions for audio professionals in content creation and MaxxTM audio signal processing solutions for consumer electronics. Waves award-winning audio processor plug-ins are the technology and market share leader for thousands of audio professionals in content creation.
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