Tascam IF-CB/DM Tascam IF-CB/DM
Tascam IF-CB/DM Tascam IF-CB/DM

Tascam IF-CB/DM

CobraNet Card for DM-3200 and DM-4800

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Tascam IF-CB/DM
The IF-CB/DM allows TASCAM DM-3200 and DM-4800 consoles to interface to a CobraNet audio network. Up to 16 inputs and 16 outputs can be routed over 100 meters over standard CAT-5 cable, saving time, labor and money for system installers. The IF-CB/DM connects to CobraNet components at 48kHz/24-bit audio resolution.

Bundled with the card are two applications to help with system design. Both CobraNet Discovery and CobraCAD can be used for the monitoring, maintenance and design of a CobraNet system.

Ideal for large-scale installations, the TASCAM IF-CB/DM makes it simple for contractors to install and maintain DM-series consoles.

Also available is the IF-AV/DM, which connects TASCAM consoles to Aviom A-Net networks over CAT-5e cable.
Tascam IF-CB/DM Specifications
16 input / 16 output interface to CobraNet networksUp to 100m signal transmission over CAT-5 cable interface48kHz/24-bit audio resolutionRedundant network switches to secondary network if problems occurSelectable signal latency of 1.33ms, 2.67ms or 5.33msBundled CobraNet Discovery application for monitoring and maintenance of CobraNet network interfaceBundled CobraCAD application for checking network system design
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