Sennheiser Set830-S Sennheiser Set830-S

Product Information
Overview The Set830-S is an infra-red stereo TV assistive listening system which is perfect for wearers of hearing aids. Directly connectable to a TV, hi-fi system or radio, the cordless Set830-S guarantees outstanding sound quality, which, for example, thanks to treble emphasis, can be customised to the listener's hearing.

Sound can be transmitted from the receiver to the hearing aid by means of wireless induction using the induction loop included in the scope of delivery. Alternatively, induction couplers and headphones can be plugged into the lightweight receiver.
  • Ideal for wearers of hearing aids: receiver can be connected to hearing aids
  • Receiver is also ideal for use with headphones (3.5 mm stereo jack plug )
  • Outstanding customised stereo sound
  • Three selectable hearing settings on the transmitter: optimised speech intelligibility thanks to switchable compression and treble emphasis
  • Treble emphasis can be individually set
  • Cordless mobility of up to 12 m within a room thanks to the infra-red transmission
  • Large, ergonomically shaped volume control and balance control on the receiver
  • Specific manual on/off function for receiver
  • Receiver can be placed on the transmitter's charger facing in either direction
  • LEDs provide visual signals of individual control processes
  • Clear product labelling
  • Lithium polymer battery ensures a long operating time of up to 12 hours
  • Integrated charging compartment in transmitter for spare battery
  • Color: red
  • Dimensions:
    Receiver: 70 x 60 x 26 mm:
    Transmitter: 112 x 146 x 58 mm
  • Audio-XLR connector: 3,5 mm, stereo jack plug
  • Frequency response: 50 - 16000 Hz
  • THD, total harmonic distortion: < 1 %
  • Weight:
    Receiver: 50 g:
    Transmitter: ~ 260 g
  • Charging time: ~ 3 h
  • Range: up to 12 m
  • Microphone connector: 3,5 mm, same plug as Audio-XLR connector
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: typ. 75 dB(A)
  • Operating time: Receiver: up to 12 h
  • Modulation: FM, stereo
  • Carrier frequencies: 2,3/2,8 MHz
  • 1 x RI830-S receiver with removable clip
  • 1 x TI830 transmitter
  • 1 x EZT3011 induction loop
  • 1 x lanyard
  • 1 x BA300 battery
  • 1 x power supply with national adapters for EU, UK, US
  • 1 x TV RCA adapter
  • 1 x TV SCART adapter
  • 1 x TV connection cable with two 3.5 mm stereo jack plugs and one adapter to 1/4" (6.3 mm) jack socket
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Brand Sennheiser
Model Set830-S
Part Number SET830 S
UPC 615104127579
EAN 4044156017303
Product Category Assisted Listening, Wireless Headphones
Unit of Measure EACH
Shipping Weight 2.00 lbs.
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For more than 65 years, the name Sennheiser has stood for top-quality products, true sound and tailor made solutions for every aspect of sound reproduction. Sennheiser aims to recreate sound so completely that audiences don't just hear sounds, they experience them. By applying innovative science to traditional German engineering, Sennheiser has set new standards in headphones, headsets, microphones and integrated systems. Additionally, their decades of business experience allows them to deliver these premium quality products at economical prices.
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