Secrets of the Pros Advanced Pro Tools DVD: Volume 3 Secrets of the Pros Advanced Pro Tools DVD: Volume 3

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Overview This DVD goes even further into mixing, provides an overview of automation use, and closely explores the world of plug-ins. It also features chapters on control surfaces, troubleshooting, and much more.

Advanced Pro Tools DVD: Volume 3 picks up where its highly successful prequels, Advanced Pro Tools DVD: Volume 1 and Advanced Pro Tools DVD: Volume 2 left off. With well over 2 hours of information this DVD dives deep into a variety of topics...of greatest importance are the topics of mixing and plug-ins.

The world of plug-ins has expanded the capabilities of audio producers and this new title takes you through a long library of what is out there in the plug-in world. It also demonstrates how to use some of the more complex and esoteric plug-ins that can make a huge difference in the quality of your mixes.

This training DVD also provides clear instruction on how to use Automation in Pro Tools, an overview of Control Surfaces, and more.... This DVD will help you speed up your creative process and help you find ways of vastly improving your mixes.
  • Over 2 hours of information!
  • World-class endorsements
  • Easy to follow and inexpensive
  • Review at your own pace
  • Topics
  • MixingWays to apply old-school techniques to a new-school way of working
  • Plug-InsThis DVD features a long list of what is out there, and will help you find plug-ins that will improve your mixes dramatically
  • AutomationExpert techniques on how to use this powerful automation system
  • Control SurfacesAn overview of how they work and how they can increase your productivity tremendously
  • and More...Our DVDs always have a lot of useful tips and shortcuts
  • Note: This DVD set is currently NTSC and in English only
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