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Product Information
Overview The CP 52S is a versatile commercial preamplifier designed for use in restaurants, bars, health clubs and offices. The CP 52S serves one stereo Zone. One gated Paging Input and four stereo Program Inputs are provided. A Port is provided for expansion of Page, Program or Zone signals. Three levels of priority are supported:

  • 1. Page

  • 2. Program Priority

  • 3. A Non-Priority Program

The Paging Input is summed after Zone Level, Zone EQ and Zone Limiter circuits. If the Link Page Level to Zone Level switch is on, the Page level tracks the Zone Level.

One of four stereo Program Inputs may be selected. Each line level Program Input features an independent Level control. A gated Program Priority Input is provided. When the Program Priority enable switch is on and signal is detected at the Priority Input (P), it overrides any non-priority Program selection. The detector features adjustable Threshold and Release-Time controls.
Several levels of security are available:

  • The SC 1.7 is an optional security cover for the entire unit.

  • The SCP1S is an optional EQ-slider-only security cover.

  • Any front panel control knobs may be removed and replaced with provided hole plugs.

See the CP 64S if you need 2 page inputs and 2 zones.

See the DA 26S if you need up to 6 zones.

Gated Paging Circuit Features:

  • Mic/Line Selection with Gain Trim

  • Phantom Power Switch

  • High and Low Cut Filter Switch

  • Adjustable Detector Threshold with Active LED

  • Paging Level Control

  • Switchable Page Level Tracks Zone Level

  • Page Input Servo-Locked Limiter with adjustable Threshold

Zone Output Features:

  • Level Control

  • 1 of 4 Program Select

  • Ducker On/Off with Depth Control

  • Output Servo-Locked Limiter with adjustable Threshold

  • 7-Band Equalizer (+/-12 dB)

  • Wired Zone Remote Port for Level and Program Select

Special Features:

  • Page Initiated Program Ducking

  • Gated Stereo Program Priority Input

  • Page/Program/Zone Expansion with Level Control

  • SCP1S Optional EQ Security Cover

  • Universal Internal Power Supply (100-230 VAC)

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Brand Rane
Model CP 52S
Part Number 100215
UPC 687499100215
Product Category Signal Processors
Unit of Measure EACH
Shipping Weight 9.00 lbs.
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