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Radio Design Labs - RDL R-BZR Piezo Alert Module

Piezo Alert Module

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Radio Design Labs - RDL R-BZR Piezo Alert Module
The BZR is the ideal choice in installations requiring an audible alert.

Rear-panel terminals permit connection of a trip signal, a remote reset button, external power supply, and a jumper to set the audible alert level. The BZR is activated when the TRIP input is momentarily connected to ground. The BZR then sounds the alert and remains in the alert mode until reset by either the front-panel RESET button, or by a remote reset button. Normally, the BZR latches in the alert mode. Alternately, the BZR may be configured to sound the alert only while the TRIP terminal is grounded. This may be accomplished by installing a jumper from the remote RESET to ground. For use in confined areas, the standard alert may be too loud. The level may be reduced by removing a jumper provided on the rear-panel terminal block.

A front-panel LED lights when the module is in the alert mode. If several BZRs are installed at a common location, this visual indication shows the operator which unit is tripped.

The BZR power supply input accepts 24 Volts ac or dc. The BZR is a negative ground-referenced product. In the unlikely event it is connected on a common 24 Vac supply together with equipment which is positive ground-referenced and not transformer isolated, a ground fault may occur. The BZR automatically detects such a fault and disconnects itself from the power input.

Wherever an audio alert module is needed, the BZR is the ideal choice. Use the BZR individually, or combine it with other RDL RACK-UP, STICK-ON, TXTM, or FLAT-PAKTM series products as part of a complete audio/video system.
Radio Design Labs - RDL R-BZR Features
Audible Alert of A Remote ConditionAn LED Alarm IndicatorA Front-Panel Reset ButtonRemote Reset ProvisionMomentary or Latching OperationSelectable Audio Level
Radio Design Labs - RDL R-BZR Specifications
Control Inputs: TRIP and RESET (ground to activate)Audible Alert:Approx. 4 kHz 85 dBspl @ 10cm (loud), or 75 dBspl @ 10cm (soft)Power Requirement:24 Vdc or ac @ 10 mADimensions:Height:2.6 in. 6.6 cmDepth:1.6 in. 4.1 cmWidth:1.3 in. 3.3 cmAmbient Operating Environment:0 C to 55 C
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