Radio Design Labs - RDL RU-AFC2 Radio Design Labs - RDL RU-AFC2
Radio Design Labs - RDL RU-AFC2 Radio Design Labs - RDL RU-AFC2

Radio Design Labs - RDL RU-AFC2 Stereo Audio Format Converter

Stereo Audio Format Converter

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Radio Design Labs - RDL RU-AFC2 Stereo Audio Format Converter
The RU-AFC2 is a stereo bi-directional audio format converter. The bi-directional format allows the RU-AFC2 to fully convert the stereo input and stereo output of a consumer audio product to professional balanced standards. It can equally convert the stereo input and stereo output of a professional audio product to consumer unbalanced standards. The audio fidelity, low noise, low distortion and excellent crosstalk performance of the RU-AFC2 are ideally suited to the most critical applications. The RU-AFC2 has been carefully engineered in meticulous detail to provide the ultimate audio interface package available.

Unbalanced audio connections are available on front-panel RCA jacks. Balanced audio connections are available on front-panel XLR jacks and on rear-panel detachable terminal blocks. The shield connections of the XLR output jacks are connected to the case through a rear-panel ground-lift switch. The unbalanced to balanced section includes an additional MONO summed output on a rear-panel detachable terminal block which may be wired balanced or unbalanced. The mono output may be used to drive patch-bay jacks, powered monitors or subwoofer amplifiers.

Each of the left and right outputs is equipped with a dual-LED VU-meter. The intensity of the green LED is proportional to the audio level. The red LED flashes at the calibrated output level, -10 dBV unbalanced or +4 dBu balanced. An individual multi turn level trimmer is provided on the front panel for each output channel.

The RU-AFC2 operates from ground-referenced 24 Vdc. Use the RU-AFC2 individually, or combine it with other RDL products as part of a complete audio/video system.
Radio Design Labs - RDL RU-AFC2 Features
Unparalleled Audio PerformanceUnbalanced to Balanced Audio ConversionAdditional Summed MONO OutSwitch-Selectable Ground Lift for XLR Output JacksBalanced to Unbalanced Audio ConversionUnbalanced RCA Connections on Front PanelBalanced XLR Connections on Front PanelBalanced Connections on Rear Panel Detachable Terminal BlocksFront-Panel Multi-Turn LEVEL TrimmersDual-LED VU Meter for Each ChannelGold-Plated ConnectorsExceptional Headroom and Frequency Response1/3 Rack, High Density Rack Mounting
Radio Design Labs - RDL RU-AFC2 Specifications
Unbal to Bal Section: (Referred to -10 dBV input feeding +4 dBu)Inputs (2): Unbalanced line-level, +25 dBV max.Input Connectors (2): RCA Phono jack (left and right)Outputs (3): +4 dBu balanced (left, right, mono sum), +25 dBu max.Output Connectors (4): XLR (2) and/or detachable terminal block (left and right); detachable terminal block (mono sum)Gain adjustment: -25 dB to +9 dB (rel. +4 dBu)Frequency Response: 10 Hz to 150 kHz (+/- 0.25 dB)THD+N: < 0.005%Noise: < -90 dB (below +4 dBu)Crosstalk: < -80 dB (20 Hz to 20 kHz)Headroom: > 20 dBBal to Unbal Section: (Referred to +4 dBu input feeding -10 dBV)Inputs (2): Balanced line-level, +25 dBu max.Input Connectors (3): XLR (2) or detachable terminal block (left and right)Outputs (2): -10 dBV unbalanced (left and right), +17 dBV max.Output Connectors (2): RCA Phono jack (left and right)Level adjustment: -28 dB to +5 dB (rel. -10 dBV)CMRR: > 80 dB (50 to 120 Hz)Frequency Response: 10 Hz to 150 kHz (+/- 0.25 dB)THD+N: < 0.001%Noise: < -100 dB (below -10 dBV)Crosstalk: < -90 dB (10 Hz to 20 kHz)Headroom: > 20 dBPower Requirement: GROUND-REFERENCED, 24 Vdc @ 60 mA (idle), 100 mA (max)Ambient Operating Environment: 0 C to 55 CDimensions: Height: 1.7 in (4.3 cm), Width: 5.8 in (15 cm), Depth: 4.375 in (11.11 cm)
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