Production Intercom MS-200 Production Intercom MS-200
Production Intercom MS-200 Production Intercom MS-200

Production Intercom MS-200

Intercom Main Station

MFR # MS-200
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Production Intercom MS-200
The MS-200 is a full featured main station combining an outboard power supply with the facilities to control two independent com- munications circuits. The 2 rack-unit high (3.50 in.) cabinet is available with rack-mount side panels, plain side panels or side panels with handles. All three configurations are priced the same.

The MS-200 has two independent communications circuits (A & B). The operator may communicate with stations connected to ei- ther A or B, or both A and B by pressing the circuit On switches. The two circuits remain independent, and stations connected to one cannot speak to stations connected to the other. During rehearsals, or other activities where a single common communications circuit would be desirable, pressing the Link button will accomplish that. Each circuit also has its own combination signal lamp/signal switch which will light all the signal lamps on that circuit when pressed. Thus an operator at the MS-200 can cue or guide two separate groups of personnel who are otherwise independent. If preferred, a gooseneck microphone (LSM-2 or LSM-4, sold separately) may be plugged into the front panel headset jack, with the front panel speaker switched On. In this mode, an adjustment of the sidetone null control will permit the MS-200 to be operated fully duplex, hands free, no press-to-talk. The operator may monitor either or both cir- cuits while his/her own microphone (either headset or gooseneck) is turned Off.

A front panel switch diverts the output of the headset (or gooseneck) microphone to a rear panel 600Ω balanced output, permitting paging through a remote paging amplifier, eliminating the need for a separate microphone for this purpose. To activate the remote amplifier, a pair of normally open contacts, accessible on the rear panel, are closed when the Mic switch is moved to the Page position. Individual microphone-level and line-level auxiliary inputs are provided, each with its own volume control. These allow external sources such as program feeds, run-of-the-show relays, paging announcements or other background information to be mixed onto the communication circuit(s). Front panel buttons allow the auxiliary signal(s) to be sent to one, both, or neither of the two communica- tions circuits. These inputs are normally unbalanced.
Production Intercom MS-200 Specifications
Power requirement: 100-240VAC, .022A (No load) .55A @2ADC outLine termination: Audio - 200‡DC - 5KTransducer impedances: Mic. 200‡ Earphone 400Aux. Inputs: Mic. 200‡ -60dBu Line 1K‡ -26dBuPower output: 2.0A @ 24VDC ContinuousSize: (Excl. ears) 3.43H x16.88W x 7.00in D 87.12 x 426.75 x 177.8 mmWeight: 8.25 lbs. 3.74 kg
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