Neumann IC 5 mt Neumann IC 5 mt

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Product Information
Overview Microphone cable with double twist (double helix) braiding as shield. Diameter 5 mm, length 10 m. XLR 5 connectors.

Other cable lengths are available upon request! Cable material without connectors are also available.

Even if very long (Neumann) cables are used, the electroacoustic characteristics of the microphone are not affected.Only with cable lengths well over 300 m a high-frequency roll-off is noticeable.
Brand Neumann
Model IC 5 mt
Part Number 006624
UPC 615104066243
EAN 4006087066249
Product Category Microphone Cables (XLR)
Unit of Measure EACH
Weight 1.32 lbs.
Neumann Performance Audio is an authorized Neumann dealer.
For decades, Neumann has been regarded worldwide as the standard-setting, leading manufacturer of studio microphones. Many products introduced in the history of the company have become milestones of professional audio technology. It is no accident that when listing their equipment, audio studios almost always put Neumann microphones at the top of the list - they are a recognized sign of a highly professional operation.
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