Lynx AES16-SRC Lynx AES16-SRC Lynx AES16-SRC Lynx AES16-SRC
Lynx AES16-SRC Lynx AES16-SRC Lynx AES16-SRC Lynx AES16-SRC

Lynx AES16-SRC

Multi-Channel AES/EBU PCI Audio Interface Card with 8-Channels of Sample Rate Conversion, Includes Two CBL-AES1604 Cables

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Lynx AES16-SRC
Integrates digital consoles, multi-channel A/D and D/A converters, and hard disk recorders with computer-based workstations

AES16 - AES16 PCI Card - no cables
AES16-XLR - AES16 plus two CBL-AES1604 (dsub to XLR) six-foot cables
AES16-SRC - AES16 with eight channels of sample rate conversion plus two CBL-AES1604 cables

The AES16 offers unprecedented AES/EBU channel capacity and routing flexibility in a single PCI card format. With support for up to 16 channels of input and output at sample rates up to 192 kHz, the AES16 turns your computer into a powerful digital router or patchbay with extensive flexibility with minimal cabling. Most importantly, the AES16 supports the emerging single-wire 192 kHz standard and is compatible with existing dual-wire AES/EBU devices. Up to four AES16's can be installed in a single computer.
Lynx AES16-SRC Features
Sixteen-channel AES/EBU Digital I/O192 kHz / 24-bit Single-wire and Dual-wire ModesSynchroLock Jitter AttenuationWord Clock and Multi-card SynchronizationPowerful Mixing and Routing EngineLow-latency Drivers for Windows and MacintoshCabling for Direct Digital Interface Yamaha, Apogee, Mackie, and other Equipment
Lynx AES16-SRC Specifications
ModelsAES16: Standard model without cables. Refer to the optional cables listed below.AES16-XLR: Includes two six-foot D-sub to XLR cables sets.AES16-SRC: Includes XLR cable sets and eight channels of onboard sample rate conversion.Digital I/ONumber/Type: Eight stereo inputs and eight stereo outputs 24-bit AES/EBU format, transformer coupledChannels: 16 in/out in single-wire modeSample Rates: All standard rates and variable rates up to 192 kHz in both single-wire and dual-wire modesSample Rate Conversion: Eight channels available with support for conversion ratios up to 8:1
Dynamic range: 142 dB
Multiple-input SRC phase matching
Available on AES16-SRC model only
ArchitectureCore: FPGA-based core contains custom PCI interface, data routing and formatting, device control, digital mixing, clock routing and control, and DMA engine.
256 Kbytes of on-board RAM for data buffering Support for field upgrades of firmware.
Audio Devices: Card is visible to host applications as eight record devices and eight play devices. Each device has two channels and can be used independently for multi-client functionality.ClockingSources: Digital inputs 1 - 4, external word clock (with XLR cables only) on BNC, internal word clock on header, on-board low-jitter crystal oscillatorSynchroLock: Multi-stage, VCXO-based clock generation system with high jitter attenuation. Wide mode tracks off-frequency clocks, narrow mode generates ultra-low jitter output for standard frequencies.On-board Digital MixerType: Hardware-based, low latencyRouting: Ability to route any input to any or multiple outputsMixing: Up to four input or playback signals mixed to any output, 40-bit precisionStatus: Peak levels to -114 dB on all inputs and outputsLStream Expansion PortsCompatibility: Supports Lynx LStream expansion cards including the LS-ADAT 16-Channel ADAT I/O cardType: High-speed serial, up to 16 channels @ 24-bits on 14-pin internal connectorConnectionsI/O Ports: Two bracket-mounted 26-pin high-density female D-sub connectors. Can be configured to support eight channel or four channel AES connections.External Clock: 75-ohm BNC word clock input and output provided on XLR cable setInternal Clock: Two 75-ohm board mounted 2-pin headers for word clock input and outputSoftwareWindows Drivers: For Windows 2000 / XP platforms: MME, ASIO 2.0, WDM, DirectSound, Direct Kernel Streaming and GSIFMacintosh Drivers: CoreAudio for OSXMixer Application: Multi-window GUI provides complete control of digital mixer and all hardware settings.GeneralPCI Bus: Version 2.2 compliantData Transfers: Up to 132 Mbytes/sec using custom 16-channel zero-wait state, scatter-gather DMA engine Bus mastering supportedSize: 5.0" H X 7.4" W X 0.75" D (half-size PCI card)Cables (included)CBL-AES1604: Six-foot, 110-ohm shielded twisted pair cabling 26-pin high-density male D-sub to four female XLR's (AES inputs), four male XLR's (AES outputs), and two female BNC's (word clock I/O)
Quantity Two Included with AES16-XLR & AES16-SRC only
Optional cables for AES16 Standard ModelCBL-AES1603: 26-pin high-density male D-sub to 25-pin male D-sub. Supports either 8 channels of input or output Compatible with Apogee AD16 and DA16 Twelve-foot, 110-ohm shielded twisted pair cabling. DISCONTINUED 2009CBL-AES1605: 26-pin high-density male D-sub to 25-pin male D-sub. Supports 4 channels of input and output. Compatible with devices with standard Yamaha digital I/O pinout from Yamaha, Apogee, Mackie, and others. Twelve- foot, 110-ohm shielded twisted pair cabling
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Lynx's initial offerings, the LynxONE, LynxTWO, L22 and AES16 are PCI cards that offer the best possible performance for Windows and Macintosh computers. Aurora converters offer world-class analog and digital audio in standalone, rack mount formats for recording studios, broadcast and production facilities, live performance and audio test measurement. Lynx products have been adopted worldwide by top broadcasters, studios, performers, producers and engineers.
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