Lucid GENx6-96 Lucid GENx6-96 Lucid GENx6-96

Product Information
Overview The latest low jitter clock from Lucid. This one builds on the success of the previous GENx6 by adding 88.2 and 96kHz frequencies and individual switches to select Word Clock or Superclock per output. ProTools users can now clock Digidesign hardware using Superclock, and other hardware using Word Clock, simultaneously.


  • An extremely low jitter-clock.

  • Supports rates of 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96kHz.

  • All six outputs are individually selectable for word or superclock (256x) output.

  • Can also function as a 1x6 clock distribution amplifier for AES 11, word, or superclock masters.

  • Generate extremely stable, low jitter clock streams.

  • Compatible with Digidesign HD and TDM hardware.

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Brand Lucid
Model GENx6-96
Part Number GENX6-96
Product Category
Unit of Measure EACH
Shipping Weight 3.00 lbs.
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