Littlite MV-12-HI Littlite MV-12-HI
Littlite MV-12-HI Littlite MV-12-HI

Littlite MV-12-HI Multi-Volt Gooseneck Lamp Set (12")

12" High Intensity Multi-Volt Gooseneck Lampset with Power Supply

MFR # MV-12-HI
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Littlite MV-12-HI Multi-Volt Gooseneck Lamp Set (12")
The Littlite Multi-Volt range of products include the MV series incandescent task light, CC series LED task lights and the LDC dimmer converter products. Multi-Volt products are designed to operate on a wide range of input voltage for heavy duty applications.

Littlite MV series utilizes PWM (pulse width modulation) regulation and dimming, operating on input voltage of 12-28 vdc. The MV circuitry operates with single or multiple LED and incandescent lamps and in any combination up to a 1-Amp total draw.

Littlite CC series uses constant current circuitry enabling a wider range of input voltage (8-28vdc), smoother LED dimming with no digital artifacts and more efficient operation. The CC series is a dedicated single LED lamp controller.

The Littlite LDC uses our MV dimmer to provides dimming control and voltage conversion for all Littlite products. Ideal for trucks, specialty vehicles, industrial machinery and other higher voltage applications. Operates on input voltage of 12-28Vdc and provides dimming control for with single or multiple LED and incandescent lamps and in any combination up to a 1-Amp total draw. Compatible with current Littlite power supplies and cable accessories.

Selected Littlite LED products are now listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Please note that Multi-Volt LED products do not switch between white and red light output.

High Intensity Lampsets with top mount gooseneck:
MV-12-HI (12" gooseneck including power supply.)
MV-12A-HI (12" gooseneck, no power supply.)
MV-18-HI (18" gooseneck including power supply.)
MV-18A-HI (18" gooseneck, no power supply.)

LED Lampsets with top mount gooseneck:
MV-12-LED (12" gooseneck including power supply.)
MV-12A-LED (12" gooseneck, no power supply.)
MV-18-LED (18" gooseneck including power supply.)
MV-18A-LED (18" gooseneck, no power supply.)

High Intensity Lampsets with end mount gooseneck:
MV-7/12-HI (12" gooseneck including power supply.)
MV-7/12A-HI (12" gooseneck, no power supply.)
MV-7/18-HI (18" gooseneck including power supply.)
MV-7/18A-HI (18" gooseneck, no power supply.)

LED Lampsets with end mount gooseneck:
MV-7/12-LED (12" gooseneck including power supply.)
MV-7/12A-LED (12" gooseneck, no power supply.)
MV-7/18-LED (18" gooseneck including power supply.) (shown)
MV-7/18A-LED (18" gooseneck, no power supply.)

High Intensity Automotive Products:
MV-5/12 (12" end mount gooseneck-automotive wiring)
MV-5/18 (18" end mount gooseneck-automotive wiring)
MV-9/12 (12" top mount gooseneck-automotive wiring)
MV-9/18 (18" top mount gooseneck-automotive wiring)

LED Automotive Products:
MV-5/12-LED (12" end mount gooseneck-automotive wiring)
MV-5/18-LED (18" end mount gooseneck-automotive wiring)
MV-9/12-LED (12" top mount gooseneck-automotive wiring)
MV-9/18-LED (18" top mount gooseneck-automotive wiring)
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Designed and assembled in our humble little home in Hamburg, Michigan, Littlites are available worldwide and are used in film and television studios, emergency vehicles, on medical equipment, in industrial applications, airport control towers, as personal reading lamps, hostess stands and hobbyist lamps. In fact, Littlites are a versatile and reliable solution for any task lamp requirement.
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