Product Information
Overview The K-Tek Slip-On Fuzzy is an excellent wind protection system for exterior recording with shotgun microphones. K-Tek's unique design combines a traditional faux fur exterior that breaks up the wind with a tightly woven fabric backing - making the Fuzzy the only slip-on windscreen with a layer of extra protection. The system's body of open cell foam slides smoothly over the mic head and fits snug around the microphone capsule to provide additional support and insulation.
  • Model: Z-FSO-L
    Weight: 0.155 lbs.
    Inside Length: 7"
  • Model: Z-FSO-M
    Weight: 0.129 lbs.
    Inside Length: 6"
  • Model: Z-FSO-S
    Weight: 0.114 lbs.
    Inside Length: 5"
  • Model: Z-FSO-T
    Weight: 0.072 lbs.
    Inside Length: 3"
  • Model: Z-FSO-XL
    Weight: 0.18 lbs.
    Inside Length: 10.5"
  • Model: Z-FSO-XS
    Weight: 0.088 lbs.
    Inside Length: 3.5"
Brand K-Tek
Part Number ZFSOT
Product Category Windscreens & Grilles
Unit of Measure EACH
Weight 0.25 lbs.
K-Tek Performance Audio is an authorized K-Tek dealer.
Manufacturer of superior quality boom poles, microphone support products, and windscreens for professional production.
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