Product Information
Overview The K-Tek K-ZFC Slip-On Windscreen for K-ZEPP-S short zeppelin provides protection against wind noise and mounts onto most cylindrical microphones such as shotgun and stereo mics. The windscreen features a fleecy (tight woven fleece) material and features an inside length of 5-inches (12.7cm).
Brand K-Tek
Part Number KZFCS
UPC 791090332354
Product Category Windscreens & Grilles
Unit of Measure EACH
Weight 0.25 lbs.
K-Tek Performance Audio is an authorized K-Tek dealer.
Founded in 1996, K-Tek has been supporting the audio world with innovative tools to make the job of the sound engineer and boom operator just a bit smoother. K-Tek's first mission was to design and manufacture a line of U.S. made boompoles that were both lightweight yet super strong and so audio friendly that folks took notice. Mission accomplished. In 1999 K-Tek won a Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the Klassic Boom Pole. Since then, K-Tek has earned a slew of other awards and the reputation of making an array of elegantly designed and beautifully constructed, audio-centric products.
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