Genelec 8030.LSE PowerPak Genelec 8030.LSE PowerPak
Genelec 8030.LSE PowerPak Genelec 8030.LSE PowerPak

Genelec 8030.LSE PowerPak

5.1 Channel Active Monitoring System

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Genelec 8030.LSE PowerPak
The Genelec 8030B.LSE Power Pak is comprised of 5 8030B nearfield monitors matched with the 7060B subwoofer. The 8030B is a small, bi-amplified, 2-way speaker with twin 40 Watt amplifiers and shielded 5" and .75" Low and High frequency drivers, housed in a sturdy die-cast aluminum enclosure, designed for use in any professional audio production environment where space considerations are paramount.

The two unique features of the 8030B are the MDE (Minimum Diffraction Enclosure) cabinet design, and the Iso-Pod (Isolation Positioner/Decoupler) speaker mount. The MDE design, with it's rounded, curved cabinet edges, improves spatial imaging and playback consistency. The Iso-Pod is a positioning mount that raises and isolates the speaker from the rumble and resonances often caused by surface placement.

The two 8030B rear panel connectors are 3-pin XLRs, providing both an input and an output for daisy-chain 5.1 surround expansion needs, or use with a subwoofer. A modest complement of tone control DIP switches allows for adjustment to the room's acoustic environment, and a bass port improves low end reproduction.

The 7060B subwoofer features a 10" driver, powered by a robust 120 Watt amplifier, housed in Genelec's proprietary LSE(Laminar Spiral Enclosure) bass reflex cabinet. This design combines minimized enclosure noise with tight, consistent signal dispersion, a characteristic of laminar. The rear panel provides a bass management unit featuring 6 separate XLR I/Os and a pair of summed signal outputs. The amplifier unit, with active crossover filters and driver overload protection, is adjacent to an ample set of tone, phase and filter controls.

The 8030B.LSE Power Pak is a worthy and progressive solution as a 5.1 Surround monitoring system for studio and A/V post or multi-media applications.
Genelec 8030.LSE PowerPak Features
Active 5.1 Surround monitoring system with unique design and specially matched subwooferMagnetically shielded for use in close proximity to computer monitorsMinimum Diffraction Enclosure(MDE) design with rounded edges curved front and sides for smooth frequency response and clear spatial imaging, minimal cabinet edge wave diffractionLSE (Laminar Spiral Enclosure) bass reflex subwoofer cabinet design for minimized turbulence noise and optimum signal flowDirectivity Control Waveguide (DCW) and rear panel reflex port design for accurate and balanced wave dispersion, durable die-cast aluminum cabinet constructionIsolation Position/Decoupler (Iso-Pod) rubber speaker mount allows for precise vertical or horizontal speaker positioning, separates speaker from placement surface, eliminating rumble and other aberrant vibration related resonancesMetal grille covering for monitor driversFront Panel power switch and volume controlsIntegrated monitor rear support points for wall and floor stands, 3/8" threading for enclosure cabinet base mountingBalanced XLR inputs, outputs for all speakersBalanced XLR output for daisy-chaining multiple units or connection to SubwooferRear panel Treble and Bass Tilt, Bass Roll-Off tone control switches for optimizing monitor speaker to acoustic character of room environment29Hz lower cutoff frequency for subwooferSelectable 85/120Hz lowpass filter switch and 0/+10dB LFE sensitivity switch for subwoofer7 separate control switches for phase adjustment, bass roll-off and tone controlTransparent Overload Protection circuitry for all speakersSwitchable power supply for international use
Genelec 8030.LSE PowerPak Specifications
Low Frequency Driver:
10" Driver(Subwoofer)
Mid Frequency Driver: NoHigh Frequency Driver: .75" Metal DomeLF Amplifier: 40 WattsHF Amplifier: 40 WattsCrossover:
Active, 3.0kHz
Active, 85Hz(Subwoofer)
Frequency Range: 29Hz - 20kHz, +/-2dB (System Free Field)Impedance: Not Applicable, Self-PoweredMaximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL):
>108dB @ 1 m
113dB @ 1 m (Subwoofer)
Controls and Indicators:
Front Panel:
1 x Rotary Volume Control
1 x Power On/Off Button
1 x Green Power On LED Indicator Light
Rear Panel:
2 x Bass Roll-Off Switches(On/Off)
1 x 0 to -2dB @ 15kHz Treble Tilt DIP Switch
1 x -6dB @ 85Hz Bass Roll-Off DIP Switch
2 x 0 to -6dB @ 100Hz Bass Tilt DIP Switches
Subwoofer Rear Panel:
1 x +12/-6dBu Input Sensitivity Switch
1 x Bypass Switch
1 x 85/120Hz LFE Bandwidth Switch
1 x 0/+10dB LFE Sensitivity Switch
1 x LFE Channel Redirect Switch
1 x Sum In Mode Switch
1 x Test Tone Phase Adjust Switch
1 x 4-position Bass Roll-Off Switch
1 x 4-position Phase Switch
1 x Power Switch
1 x Mains Voltage Switch
1 x Green/Yellow Mode LED
1 x 3-Pin XLR Female Input, Balanced
1 x 3-Pin XLR Male Output, Balanced
1 x 3-Pin XLR Female LFE/SUM In, Balanced
1 x 3-Pin XLR Male SUM Out, Balanced
3 x 3-Pin XLR Female L/C/R Front In, Balanced
3 x 3-Pin XLR Female L/C/R Rear In, Balanced
3 x 3-Pin XLR Male L/C/R Front Out, Balanced
3 x 3-Pin XLR Male L/C/R Rear Out, Balanced
1 x 1/4" TS Phone Bypass In
1 x RJ-11 Remote In
Shielded: YesPower Supply (AC): 120V onlyDimensions (HxWxD):
11.2 x 7.4 x 7" (285 x 189 x 178mm)
20.7 x 18.1 x 14.2" (527 x 462 x 360 mm)(Subwoofer)
12.3 lbs (5.6kg)
57 lbs (27kg)(Subwoofer)
Iso-Pod Isolation Mount/Positioner
Magnetic Shielding
LSE Subwoofer Cabinet Design
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Genelec manufactures professional quality active studio monitor loudspeakers. Unique fully integrated system designs containing all you need -- optimized crossover filters, power amplifiers and driver element protection. Large control room main monitors, three way monitoring systems and two way monitoring systems. Subwoofers to complement the two-way speakers in modern multichannel audio installations for television and film industry, very popular also in the highest quality home theatre installations.
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