Genelec 5040AWM Genelec 5040AWM

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Overview The new Genelec 5040A is an extremely compact active subwoofer designed to complement up to five 6010A's with accurate and dynamic bass response reaching down to 35 Hz. Matched perfectly with the 6010A's, the 5040A conveniently features a remote volume control allowing adjustment of the entire sound system as well as versatile acoustic controls for perfect room integration.

Designed by Genelec's R&D team in co-operation with internationally acclaimed Finnish designer Harri Koskinen, the 5040A subwoofer features an unobtrusive, modern appearance.

The 5040A features a magnetically shielded downward firing 6 1/2" bass driver attached to a die-cast aluminium base plate. The base plate also serves as the chassis for the 40 Watt amplifier and crossover filter circuitry. The 5040A packs a respectable punch of 98 dB maximum sound pressure level.

The built-in crossover unit on the 5040A features six RCA input connectors for five main channels and one LFE channel and five RCA output connectors for the 6010A loudspeakers. The main channels have a fixed high pass filter to work with Genelec 6010A loudspeakers. In addition to the RCA connectors, a 3.5 mm stereo jack input connector is provided for convenient connection to portable audio players or computers. Adjustable input sensitivity in combination with adjustable crossover phase allows a seamless integration between the subwoofer and the 6010A loudspeakers.


  • Maximum short term sine wave SPL output averaged from 30 to 85 Hz, measured in half space at 1 meter: ≥ 98 dB SPL (averaged from 40 to 85 Hz)

  • Input: 5 main + LFE analog channels

  • Output: 5 main channels

  • Sum out outputs: n/a

  • Driver: 165 mm (6 1/2")

  • Free field frequency response: Main 35 - 85 Hz, LFE 35 - 120 Hz, (+/-3 dB)

  • Manual acoustic controlsSubwoofer level control: -9 dBu for 90 dB SPLBass roll-off: 0 to -6 dB @ 35 Hz (2 dB/step)Phase adjustment: 0 to -270 (90/step) @ 85 Hz

  • Amplifier power: 40 W

  • Dimensions (H x W x D)mm: H 251, D 305 mminches: H 9 7/8", D 12"

  • Weight: 6.3 kg (13.9 lb)

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Brand Genelec
Model 5040AWM
Part Number 5040AWM
Product Category Powered Monitors
Unit of Measure EACH
Shipping Weight 19.00 lbs.
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Genelec manufactures professional quality active studio monitor loudspeakers. Unique fully integrated system designs containing all you need -- optimized crossover filters, power amplifiers and driver element protection. Large control room main monitors, three way monitoring systems and two way monitoring systems. Subwoofers to complement the two-way speakers in modern multichannel audio installations for television and film industry, very popular also in the highest quality home theatre installations.
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