Focusrite VRM Box Focusrite VRM Box Focusrite VRM Box Focusrite VRM Box Focusrite VRM Box Focusrite VRM Box
Focusrite VRM Box Focusrite VRM Box Focusrite VRM Box Focusrite VRM Box Focusrite VRM Box Focusrite VRM Box

Focusrite VRM Box

Virtual Reference Monitoring Headphone Monitoring System

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Focusrite VRM Box
We've all burned CDs of our mixes so that we can listen to our latest creation on as many different systems as we can: the living room HiFi, the television, our friends' studio monitors and so on. Then the process of improving the mix based on what we've heard begins. We might burn another CD to check the updated mix on the same systems in the hope that it sounds better second time around. We may not realise it but we are now 'reference mixing'. This is why most studios have multiple pairs of speakers; so the engineer can reference the mix on more than one monitor. For most of us this is tough, due to space or budget constraints. That is until now...

The Solution?
Introducing VRM Box. The high-quality USB headphone interface with a difference. VRM stands for Virtual Reference Monitoring. It gives you the option of listening to your mix on multiple sets of speakers, in different rooms, just using headphones. This helps to overcome the problems associated with creating a mix that translates well on many speakers. Burning CDs to listen to your mix in different environments will become a thing of the past.

Mix anywhere, any time
There's no substitute for mixing on high-quality monitors in a well treated room, however sometimes this ideal scenario is not possible; we might be on a train, in a plane, in a hotel room, on the tour bus or simply at home late at night not wishing to disturb anyone. VRM allows you to make critical decisions on your mix, knowing for certain that it will translate well in many environments.

Small but perfectly formed
Compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and USB bus-powered, VRM Box is the ideal high-fidelity portable headphone interface. With a measured dynamic range of 108dBA, VRM Box provides a huge improvement for headphone listening when compared with the on-board sound of all laptops, as well as many far more expensive audio interfaces. Added with the Virtual Reference Monitoring technology, VRM Box represents incredible value for money.
Focusrite VRM Box Features
Three virtual rooms and 15 virtual speakers
Monitor in a virtual professional studio, living room or bedroom. With 15 different speaker models, you get multiple perspectives on your mix. From the Genelec 1031A, to the KRK VXT8 and the BBC-designed LS3-5a, we have meticulously measured each of the speakers to bring their characteristics to your headphones. There's even an LCD television to use for reference!
Use alongside any interface
VRM Box can be used in conjunction with any interface that has an S/PDIF output, including Pro Tools HD and Pro Tools HD Native. This makes switching between VRM headphone monitoring and speaker monitoring painless. VRM Box can receive S/PDIF signals at any standard sampling frequency (44.1 to 192 KHz) meaning you don't need to change your session setup - just route your mix to the S/PDIF out.
High-quality monitoring anywhere
Sometimes it's not possible to take your interface with you, as it's too large or because it's wired into your studio. The portable format of VRM Box allows you to take it anywhere - just sling it in your laptop bag and be safe in the knowledge that its robust case will stand up to the rigors of the road. It's even bus powered so all you need is the USB cable.
A great upgrade for headphone listening
If you like to listen to music on your computer with headphones, VRM Box provides a great improvement when compared with on-board sound and indeed many other audio interfaces. With a dynamic range of 108 dBA and very low noise and distortion figures, VRM Box delivers pristine sound with or without the optional room and speaker modelling.
Focusrite VRM Box Specifications
Headphone Outputs (Outputs 1-2)Output impedance: < 10 ΩPower output into 150Ω: 15mWPower output into 50Ω: 30mWTHD+N: -100dB (0.001%) (-1dBFS input, 20Hz/22kHz bandpass filter, 150Ω load)Signal to Noise Ratio: > 105dBS/PDIF Digital InputAutomatic Sample Rate conversionSupported sample rates: continuous from 32kHz to 192kHzTHD+N: < -110dB any sample rateCrosstalk (Channel Isolation)Any output to output: > 100dBDIGITAL PERFORMANCED/A Dynamic Range: 120dB (A-weighted)Measured D/A Dynamic Range: 108dB (A-weighted)Clock Source: Internal Clock only Clock jitter < 250 picosecondsSupported Sample Rates: 44.1kHz & 48kHzInput channels to computer: S/PDIF (stereo)Output channels from computer: Headphones (stereo)Connectors and ControlsStereo S/PDIF input on RCAStereo Headphone Output on 1⁄4" TRSHeadphone Output Level control (analogue)4-pin USB2.0 compatible socketIndicatorsGreen LED Indicator:Flashing: Unit not installed correctly on hostOff: VRM effects turned offOn: VRM effects turned onPowerBus power from USB busOperating System RequirementsWindowsXP (service pack 3), Vista, 7 (32 and 64-bit)MacOS X 10.5 Leopard (Intel only), OS X 10.6 Snow LeopardWeight and DimensionsDimensionsUnboxed: 68mm x 25mm x 68mm (W x H x D)Boxed: 155mm x 210mm x 75mm (W x H x D)WeightsNetWeight: 123gGross Weight: 380g
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