DPA Microphones APE L6

Product Information
Overview The DPA APE L6 is a stereo kit of three Acoustic Pressure Equalizers for the Standard Microphones Type 4003 and 4006.

The DPA APE L6 attachments will allow you to make precise modifications of the microphone's response characteristics without introducing any additional noise to the audio. They function as both spatial and spectral equalisers and are, in fact, passive acoustic processors using diffractions on the surface of the equaliser to modify the sound filed near the microphone diaphragm.

The diffractions alter both the frequency response and the directional response of the microphone in an extremely well-defined and useful way. Try one in front of a choir or as a handheld interview mic and experience the reach and clarity.
  • 2 X L30B Acoustic Pressure Equaliser, 30 mm (1.18 in) Ball
  • 2 X L40B Acoustic Pressure Equaliser, 40 mm (1.57 in) Ball
  • 2 X L50B Acoustic Pressure Equaliser, 50 mm (1.97 in) Ball
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Brand DPA Microphones
Model APE L6
Part Number APE L6
Product Category Microphone Accessories
Unit of Measure EACH
Shipping Weight 2.00 lbs.
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Close your eyes and listen. From the subtlest nuances of a solo violin or vocalist to the thunderous intensity of a full brass section or drum kit, it's all there, spectacularly pure and uncolored. The sound is so crisp and detailed that you begin to create a mental picture of what the recording environment looked like. The microphones responsible? DPA, of course.
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