DPA Microphones 5015 DPA Microphones 5015

Product Information
Overview Intended for use in WCSA (Wide Cardioid Surround Array), this kit offers:
Five identical microphones; sensitivity and overall response and sound character
Optimal blend between desired ambience control (cardioids) and room tone (omnis)
Very stable front image and excellent localization accuracy
Intense, dynamic, and enveloping sound character
Rear cardioids can be angled upwards to blend in important height information
Expand this array with two left/right omni outriggers and you get a beautiful coherent, precise, and rich surround sound image
  • Directional characteristics: Wide Cardioid
  • Principle of operation: Pressure gradient
  • Cartridge type: 19 mm (0.75 in) pre-polarised condenser
  • Frequency range, +/- 2 dB: On-axis: 40 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity, nominal +/- 2 dB at 1 kHz: 10 mV/Pa; -40 dB re. 1 V/Pa unloaded (at 1 kHz)
  • Equivalent noise level, A-weighted: Typ. 19 dB(A) re. 20 Pa (max. 20 dB(A))
  • Equivalent noise level, ITU-R BS.468-4: Typ. 25 dB (correct with the attenuator in 0 dB or -20 dB setting)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <0.5% up to 110 dB SPL peak, <1% up to 116 dB SPL peak
  • Dynamic range: Typ. 97 dB
  • Max. SPL, peak before clipping: 158 dB SPL (attenuator set to either 0 dB or -20 dB)
  • Output impedance: <200 Ohm
  • Cable drive capability: Up to 100 m (328 ft)
  • Power supply: 48 V Phantom power
  • Weight: 165 g (5.8 oz)
  • Capsule diameter: 19 mm (0.75)
  • Microphone length: 175 mm (6.9 in)
  • Temperature range: -10 to +55C (+14 to 131F)
  • 5 x 4015-TL Wide Cardioid Microphone, P48 (match within +/-1 dB in sensitivity and frequency response in the microphone's entire frequency range)
  • 5 x UA0898 Shock Mount
  • 5 x UA0896 Windscreen
  • 1 x PSM5000 Protractor for Shock Mount
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Brand DPA Microphones
Model 5015
Part Number 5015
Product Category Instrument Microphones, Microphone Packages
Unit of Measure EACH
Shipping Weight 10.00 lbs.
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Close your eyes and listen. From the subtlest nuances of a solo violin or vocalist to the thunderous intensity of a full brass section or drum kit, it's all there, spectacularly pure and uncolored. The sound is so crisp and detailed that you begin to create a mental picture of what the recording environment looked like. The microphones responsible? DPA, of course.
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