Canare BCP-C7FA
Canare BCP-C7FA

Canare BCP-C7FA

75 Ohm BNC Crimp Plug for L-7CFB Cable

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Canare BCP-C7FA
Canare offers a full line of high performance MIL-C-39012 true 75 ohm BNC connectors with impedance matched performance characteristics and specifications that properly address the latest generations of high bandwidth digital video equipment.

Importantly, Canare 75 ohm BNC connectors offer excellent mechanical pull strength and very low digital signal reflections; RL =/>26dB (VSWR =/<1.1) DC to 2GHz.

Much of the 75 ohm video coax cable in use today may still be terminated with 50 ohm BNC connectors. Although this pairing is adequate for lower frequency bandwidths (such as standard NTSC broadcast transmissions), this mismatch will result in signal degradation and reduced picture quality at today's ultra high analog and digital video transmission rates.


  • True 75 ohm construction; Crimp Pin & Sleeve

  • DC to 2.0 GHz; >26dB Return Loss (<1.1 VSWR)

  • Mechanically mates with common 50 ohm BNC

  • Elongated Body for better finger grip

  • Superior cable pull strength

  • Gold plated center pins 'snap lock' in place

  • Beryllium copper outer contact

  • Easy Assembly using Canare Strip & Crimp Tools

  • Operating temperature -20 to +60 degrees Celsius


  • 75 ohm BNC Connector, Straight Plug

  • Cable: L-7CFB

  • Boot: ~

  • Crimp Die: TCD-7CA

  • Crimp Pin: BN1012B

  • Sleeve: BN7021A

  • Parts: Body Crimp Pin, Sleeve

  • Imp.: 75 ohm

  • Bandwidth VSWR (Return Loss) DC to 2GHz: <1.1 (>26dB)

  • Body Material (Plating): Brass (Nickel)

  • Center Contact Material (Plating): Brass (Gold)

  • Outer Contact Material: Beryllium copper

  • Dielectric Material: PTFE

  • Crimp Sleeve Material (Plating): Copper (Tin)

  • Cable Retention lbs. (kgs): >55 (>24.9)

  • Insulation Resistance at 500V DC: >1000M ohm

  • Voltage Rating for 1 mim.: 1500V AC (rms)

  • Center Contact Resistance: <6m ohm

  • Outer Contact Resistance: <3m ohm

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Canare manufactures the best in Pro Audio and Video Cable, 75 Ohm BNC, F and RCA Connectors, Patchbays, Cable Reels, Snake Systems, Assemblies, Crimp Tools and Cable Strippers. In 2004, we launched a full Optical Product Line for HD upgrades in the broadcast market. Professional broadcast engineers, sound technicians, A/V facility integrators, design consultants and many leading OEM's rely on Canare's product, proven reliability and top notch customer service.
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