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Overview D-Fi is a family of four unique Plug-Ins (Lo-Fi, Sci-Fi, Recti-Fi, and Vari-Fi) providing tools for creative sound design in the TDM, RTAS, and AudioSuite environments. Lo-Fi provides bit-reduction for retro sound processing without the expense of retro equipment. Sci-Fi adds analog synth-type ring modulation, frequency modulation, and variable frequency resonators. Recti-Fi provides super- and sub-harmonic synthesis, and Vari-Fi allows processing of disk files to create the effect of audio changing speed to or from a complete stop.

All D-Fi Plug-Ins support MultiShell II for DSP sharing on TDM systems.

Variable amplitude noise generator
Sample rate reduction
Sample size reduction
Anti-aliasing control
Soft clipping distortion and saturation

Ring modulator
Frequency modulation
Positive and negative resonator
Modulation control by LFO, envelope follower, sample-and-hold, and trigger-and-hold

Full wave rectifier
Subharmonic synthesizer
Pre-filter for adjusting effect frequency
Post-filter for smoothing generated waveform

Speed up from a complete stop to normal speed
Slow down to a complete stop from normal speed
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Brand Avid
Model D-Fi
Part Number 9910-10247-00
Product Category Plug-ins & Effects
Unit of Measure EACH
Shipping Weight 1.50 lbs.
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