Auralex Foamtak Spray Adhesive Auralex Foamtak Spray Adhesive Auralex Foamtak Spray Adhesive
Auralex Foamtak Spray Adhesive Auralex Foamtak Spray Adhesive Auralex Foamtak Spray Adhesive

Auralex Foamtak Spray Adhesive

1 Can of Adhesive Spray for Acoustical Foam Products

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Auralex Foamtak Spray Adhesive
Foamtak acoustic foam spray adhesive is quite simply the fastest and easiest way to mount Auralex acoustic foam products. Unlike Tubetak Pro adhesive, which is more permanent and tougher to remove down the road, Foamtak can be applied lightly so that your foam is removable, or it can be applied heavily for a more permanent bond.

Foamtak contains more actual solids than competing spray adhesives (you're getting more for your money!) and uses a unique spray pattern, so it offers greatly improved long-term bonding power vs. other sprays, which virtually ALWAYS dry out and fail. Foamtak is guaranteed not to oxidize Auralex acoustic foams and may be purchased in any quantity needed.

You'll love how easy Foamtak is to use!

The world's best acoustic foam adhesives, guaranteed to keep your foam up for as long as you want it there and not to "eat" your foam. Also works great to attach various materials to each other during construction of your studio. Our adhesives apply easily and give a solid, permanent bond that actually improves the sound isolation of your construction. You don't want to use Liquid Nails brand because its very manufacturer published a memo some time back advising that it not be used with acoustic foam due to possible chemical interactions that can cause the foam to disintegrate prematurely.
Auralex Foamtak Spray Adhesive Features
Mounts up to 96 sq. ft. or more per can depending on foam thicknessNot suitable for air shipping or use with MetroFusors or DST-R
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Auralex Acoustics was founded over 20 years ago on the belief that there had to be a much better alternative to the expensive acoustic foam panels available at that time. Indeed there was; not only dramatically less expensive, but also with significant performance advantages. Today Auralex takes great pride in offering a full line of acoustical products based on the "better price/better mousetrap" principle.
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