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Radial JS3
Radial JS3 Passive Microphone Splitter with Dual Isolated Outputs
MFR # R800 1023 UPC # 676101034925 Mic Splitter, Passive with 1-Input, 1-Direct Out & 2 Jensen Isolated Outputs
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Radial JS3 Radial JS3 $259.99
You Pay: $259.99
Radial JX44
Radial JX44 Air Control Guitar Signal Manager
MFR # R800 6500 UPC # 676101037834 Guitar & Amp Controller with 4 Inputs, 4 Isolated Outputs, DI Box and Reamper
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Radial JX44 Radial JX44 $1499.99
You Pay: $1499.99
Radial JD7
Radial JD7 Injector - Guitar Distro & Splitter
MFR # R800 7000 UPC # 676101034109 Guitar Signal Splitter & Distro with 7 Outputs, DI Box and X-Amp Reamper
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Radial JD7 Radial JD7 $1099.99
You Pay: $1099.99
Radial LX8
Radial LX8 Line Level Signal Splitter and Isolator
MFR # R800 8200 UPC # 676101038466 8 Channel Balanced Line Level Splitter with Eclipse Transformers
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Radial LX8 Radial LX8 $1149.99
You Pay: $1149.99
Radial JS2
Radial JS2 Passive Microphone Splitter with Single Isolated Output
MFR # R800 1022 UPC # 676101034918 Mic Splitter, Passive with 1-Input, 2-Direct Outs & 1 Jensen Isolated Output
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Radial JS2 Radial JS2 $219.99
You Pay: $219.99
Radial OX8-j
Radial OX8 Eight Channel 3-Way Splitter (Jensen Transformers)
MFR # R800 8004 UPC # 676101037810 8 Channel Mic Splitter with Jensen Isolation Transformers, D-Subs & XLRs
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Radial OX8-j Radial OX8-j $1149.99
You Pay: $1149.99
Radial SW8
Radial SW8 Auto-Switcher
MFR # R800 8100 UPC # 676101037803 8-Channel Backing Track Switcher with D-Subs & 1/4" Inputs and Isolated DI Outs
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Radial SW8 Radial SW8 $1199.99
You Pay: $1199.99
Radial OX8-r
Radial OX8 Eight Channel 3-Way Splitter (Eclipse Transformers)
MFR # R800 8003 UPC # 676101036943 8 Channel Mic Splitter with Eclipse Isolation Transformers, D-Subs & XLRs
Free Shipping
Radial OX8-r Radial OX8-r $849.99
You Pay: $849.99
Radial T-Block
Radial T-Block Set of 8 Euro Blocks
MFR # R800 8050 UPC # 676101037926 Set of Eight Screw-Down Connector Blocks for OX8-j or OX8-r, LX8
Free Shipping
Radial T-Block Radial T-Block $159.99
You Pay: $159.99
Radial Relay Xo
Radial Relay Xo Balanced Remote AB Switcher
MFR # R800 8030 UPC # 676101041312 Balanced AB Wireless Signal Router, May Be Remotely Controlled
Free Shipping
Radial Relay Xo Radial Relay Xo $199.99
You Pay: $199.99
Radial SW4
Radial SW4 Four Channel Audio Switcher
MFR # R800 8110 UPC # 676101041299 4-Channel Balanced Stereo AB Input Switcher with Summed Outputs and PFL
Free Shipping
Radial SW4 Radial SW4 $1199.99
You Pay: $1199.99
Radial R1600-PSU
Radial R1600-PSU Power Supply for Firefly
MFR # R800 9412 UPC # 676101040612 PSU 1600mA Power Supply for Workhorse & Firefly, 5-Pin XLR
Free Shipping
Radial R1600-PSU Radial R1600-PSU $89.99
You Pay: $89.99
Radial JX-62
Radial JX62 Guitar and Amp Stage Switcher
MFR # R800 6510 UPC # 676101041305 Six Input Guitar Selector with AB Amp Outputs and Built-In DI Boxes
Free Shipping
Radial JX-62 Radial JX-62 $899.99
You Pay: $899.99
Radial ProMS2
Radial ProMS2 Passive Microphone Splitter
MFR # R800 1122 UPC # 676101040827 Mic Splitter, Passive with 1-Input, 2-Direct Outs & 1 Eclipse Isolated Output
Free Shipping
Radial ProMS2 Radial ProMS2 $119.99
You Pay: $119.99
Radial IEC-US
Radial IEC-US
MFR # R800 9413 UPC # 676101040636 IEC Power Cable for 500mA and 1600mA Supplies, USA & Canada
Free Shipping (Orders over $49)
Radial IEC-US Radial IEC-US $5.99
You Pay: $5.99
Cables & Connectors: 1-15 of 15
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Radial Performance Audio is an Authorized Radial Reseller.
Radial DI's are legendary in their ability to transfer the sound of the instrument to the mixing console without color or distortion. Radial DI's boast the lowest phase distortion, linear distortion and inter-modulation distortion in the business. It's a funny thing, get everything right and like magic, you get great sound. In fact, at Radial we call it the Un-Sound.
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